Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Moving the rat race

First of all happiest of first birthdays to my little great niece Gray! Here's a picture of your dad when he was little that might show you why you love your ball pit so much.

Today my awesome niece Annette came over and we turned my living room on its ear. Great to move my treadmill along the wall so it takes up less space. I threw out truckloads of extraneous paper. This of course means I ran across a lot of old photos so here you go.

To kick off Movember:

Mary Lynn's two youngest, Luke and baby Paul.

Mary Lynn is still in icu and she's still fighting.

Dave and Nancy Seiling as puppets made by mom.



Baby Melissa:

ML's three modelling the sweaters I made them:

What has Paul seen?

Three more awesome nephews:

And another that came along years later: Caleb.

These are really random.

So today Annette picked up Ava and Olivia from school and they came back and helped even more.

Ava made a terrific playground for Harrison.

And Olivia created a beautiful art installation beside the newly moved treadmill.

The idea with the treadmill is that I'll be able to use it in the winter but with some bigger comfy cushions it'll double as a low couch for when Caleb and Emily have their friends over before swimming.

Harry laughs at that idea.

He really does.

Because clearly, it's a cat bed!

Deborah sent some more pictures from Chicago today.

This is the Crown Fountain.

Love the reflection.

They show the faces of Chicago and shoot water out of the mouths but the water wasn't turned on. Maybe because Deborah is a dental technician and having people rinse and spit would've been too much like work.

Beautiful picture.

It was right near the bean again and because the weather wasn't great it was less crowded.

Hi Deborah!

And the inside:

I said where was this when people were making my pre surgery Happy Vulvectomy cards?


This one's for Andrew:

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