Sunday, 16 November 2014


So we got home last night around 9 or 10 pm.

We started the day off with more good weather. We had driven through just a bit of snow in Nova Scotia the day before. Nothing that really stuck to the road. Our only close call was swerving around a tire that had just fallen off a trailer.

There were a few false alarms before we saw the real elephant shaped hills.

Would've liked that little puff of cloud to be coming out the trunk or maybe even the back end :)

It took both cars several tries to get onto the 30 to bypass Montreal. Our car would've aced it if I hadn't suddenly taken my eyes off the road signs to give a garage band lesson to the folks in the back seat. My vigilance had peaked too early.

I'm tired to the bone so today I pretty much just got groceries and played with my Lapse It app. I don't find it easy to use but that usually means you have more control than the simple ones. Anyway click here to see the results from New Brunswick to St Louis Du Ha! Ha! our favorite town name ever. Sadly I just read that their town motto is "solidarity in work" which doesn't live up to the name. I have a feeling some of that work is replacing stolen town signs.

Cutest non posed picture from the trip and possibly ever:


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