Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Or would it be twitter?

The squirrels apparently had the day off to readjust to the weather turning cold again.

I worry that the chippies got the hibernation memo way too soon in mid September and that the robins have completely missed the migration email.

Wind - 1 whirligig - 0

Proud of Melissa for giving blood for what I think was her first time today judging from the pin.

It wasn't easy when they asked her what prompted her to come in. We've also got family members who have been faithfully giving blood for years and have reached over their 50th donation.

I wish it was something I could do but I can't because of meds. I could hold your hand though if you're afraid of needles. And I'm grateful for your gift if you already give. Thank you for having given Mary Lynn a chance to live.

Hoping to soon go through more pictures from this summer's fun. Here's a sneak peak:


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