Friday, 21 November 2014

Sunshine and dinner theatre

Fun day. Festive lunch with Mary and a highly successful bout of boot shopping.

See those little sparkles? Yeah you don't want to tell me to leave my shoes on when I come over anymore. Especially if you have hardwood floors! Hoping to stay upright this winter.

Nice to see a few small animals getting out of their nests after the shock of the weather lately.

The sunshine lulled me into thinking my angry birds hat would be warm enough but that was a mistake.

Must be getting old. I went from someone who didn't wear a hat for 50 years to someone who now needs WARM hats.

It's vital to keep one paw off the snow at all times. I hope to get a picture of the hind paw shaking because it's hilarious.

But he actually thought about going for a walk today and I'm impressed with his courage.

Put my cow hat on and headed over across the way for dinner theater fun.

Alice got a speaking part by taking a picture of Scrooge. You can see it happen here.

Scrooge in the throes of happiness over a blank envelope he can reuse. A key plot point.

Hope he enjoyed having my used napkin over his face for a while.

Turns out that Dora and I and one other lady got the solution right.

Scrooge's old girlfriend poisoned the blank envelope knowing he was so cheap he'd for sure reuse it.

The program director Melissa had a bit too much fun bringing Dora's scooter over.



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