Sunday, 2 November 2014


Komorebi is a Japanese word that roughly translated means sunlight filtered through the leaves of trees. There's no one word for it in English.

My niece Melissa thought it it would be a good name for my blog.

I can't imagine why :-)

Turns out there's already a blog with that name. Plus also I'm a little afraid it'd be like someone that gets Eat at Dragon Gardens tattooed on their arm when they think it means peace.

But it sure does speak to the pictures I love taking.

And the fact that I want to keep looking for the light in life.

Now that the leaves are mostly gone through you should probably get used to sunlight filtered through twigs.

This illustration and 10 other untranslatable words from this blog

ML is gearing up for some changes in medications tomorrow and she's glad that her favourite doctor will be there.


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