Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The view

High time for a Lizzy update. She's changing fast and can now stand with something to hold on to and scoot around at will on her bum.

Let's get that citizenship paperwork finished up Scottish bureaucracy people and get the passports back. We could've been having a visit from these two in November if you'd have smartened up.

It was a good day to stay under the covers.

But also to bundle up and head out.

When I got back I tried the old frozen bubbles from last winter but this time I had actual bubble solution. Seems like it has to be colder than minus 7 even if the windchill is minus 18.

Harry was pretty curious and managed a 15 second walk later.

Starting to look at the pictures from last week that were on my big camera.

Always nice to wake up to the view at Mary Lynn's.

I became a little more aware of the beauty of Prince Edward Island when ML and Philip built this home with this view. But honestly they could've lived in a shoebox in a ghetto. It was always her that I came to see.

The view was pretty great indoors too.


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