Thursday, 27 November 2014

Fun with beige

I was kinda thrilled to see snow when I opened the door today. Missing the sun but warmish fluffy snow is the next best thing.

The red roses on the corner are hanging on to their colour.

I feel like I should apologize for the sheer amount of brown and beige that you are going to witness now but hey makes me happy to play this way. Today I was mostly using manual focus. Auto focus is starting to get on my nerves. My rollator has become a tripod that I use to steady the camera, it'd be too heavy otherwise and also I roll myself forward and back minute amounts instead of adjusting the lens sometimes. Impossible to be anywhere but right there where I am.

Harry has learned a new task. He will now jump up on the table beside the door to have his harness put on. I don't want to walk across to my chair in snowy boots and it's good for him to learn new behaviors. Of course he probably won't do it tomorrow but that's okay, he's a cat.

His reward was to watch his favorite show - Simon the Cat. Likes it better than fish or birds.

But since he's a guy he changed the channel.

Luckily it was another cat show.

Lizzy had her Christmas photo shoot in Scotland today. No fair seeing the pictures before Christmas so here's your bubble-fied sneak peek.


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