Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Pssst Harry has a secret to tell you.

Come a little closer

We've been discharged from the Care nurses!

We've loved them all and did our best belly rolls to get their attention, but still after 41 days of packing the same old wound......

Monday, 30 July 2012

All wound out

Happy to say that both my iPod cameras work again!

(Look at the brave boy actually closing his eyes in the great out doors. Very brave for a city cat!)

But I am even HAPPIER to report that the nurse did not pack my wound today because the packing no longer stays in! Hip hip hoooraaaaaay!


And yes I did make the call to get signed into the cancer centre's program. As usual it took the longest to establish the fact that despite my voice I am not a man. Saying I am not a sir my name is Ruth only resulted in being called Bruce. But we got there eventually and that's all that matters!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pretty please with a cherry on top

Today was another brave foray towards my goal of conquering all the flavours of ice cream at Ice cream 2.

But first my friend Jessica walked Harrison while her Mum Kathy cleaned Harrison's fur out of my air conditioner.

As you can see Harrison loves Jessica!

Today's flavour for me was cherry cheesecake. I got the cherry on top for the picture and Jess liked it!

A good time was had by all even Maureen's hand!

Tomorrow I need to call the cancer centre to find out how to log into my account there. Just mentioning it here so I'll actually do it!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Sean factor

Maybe I should have started calling Glenda the Wicked Wound names sooner. Today the nurse could only get about a quarter cm of packing in and it's already fallen out. Yay.

A few pictures from our walk today

Meet Sean my foster nephew. He's deaf and legally blind. He lived with my brother's family for many years. He lives in Brantford now but visits sometimes.

After they went to the market Henry took Sean to visit with Mom. Henry says that Mom lit up like he hadn't seen in a long time when she saw Sean. To go from not being aware of her surroundings to remembering signs from 20, 30 years ago and excitedly showing off her baby is awesome.

The same thing happens when she plays with Caleb and Emily. It's like finally she has people her own age to play with. Pretty special!

Saw this online and thought it was the funniest squirrel feeder I've ever seen.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Wound up

Had a great birthday lunch for my friend Melanie today. The jury is out as to whether she is 29 or 39 but one thing I know is that she's going to be the most amazing art teacher ever! Also she is a fine judge of cakes. I know because even though she is so much younger than me I followed her example. A child shall lead them. Happy birthday!

It's a pain in the *ahem* literally to be home in time for the nurses even though they are the nicest people ever and work so hard to conform to my schedule. Also I've boiled enough tweezers to last me a life time. Don't mind me just crabby because the wound hurts a bit again tonight. Disinterest is probably the word that best describes how I am feeling about Glenda the wicked wound of the southern regions.

The good news is that I talked to my friend Chris who had radiation, I think in the same area's I will, and she said it wasn't that bad. Trying to go with that instead of worst case scenarios.

Here are some more pictures from yesterday. Sorry that some of you get picture repeats from Facebook but not all of my friends and family are on Facebook and not all come here so I don't know what else to do.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


A yay day of swimming and fun with some of my favorites. The Chippettes were in the house!

And amicably playing the part of all the boy chipmunks as well as Dave was Caleb, shown here buying treats for everyone with his own money. The boy has a generous heart.

Tonight Olivia volunteered to scoop Harrison's litter box. She and Ava like to pretend they're panning for gold. I figured that deserved a treat so I pulled out the paints and got my own reward!

Harrison was grateful too