Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Festive Squirrels

We have two days of squirrel fun to catch up on here. 

They've learned to wait a while till I set up the day's props. 

These cups are too cute not to use. I'll have to try to get to Starbucks before Christmas too. 

The cups were considered highly suspicious. 

Remember when you put peanuts here lady?

And here?

Okay I'll eat the bird's seeds then. 

Love this one. 


Seriously put the peanuts up here. 

A little braver. 


I decided this might be a good time to try feeding by hand again and these next two were takers. 

This is when I learned that I was now allowed to take video and pictures while I hand out a nut. Yesterday, the first time they took a peanut from my hand, I could never have moved enough to take a picture. 

Trying to get the peanut from underneath. 

Lots of repeat action. This is pretty much all the same squirrel. 

Today's walk started with this:

It was a longer wait for set up today because it involved scotch tape. 

The box blew off almost right away. 

Yes! She put the peanuts in the right place! Therefore the cup is not scary today. 

Come on lady don't make me try to get the ones in the cup!

Stalemate = eating the bird's seeds. 


Three just doesn't work. 

Lady. Really. This is the preferred location for nuts. 

I can't state this more clearly. Right. Here. 


Stylin Harry. 

Not so sure about the Velcro when we come inside though. 

Here's a video of a squirrel taking a peanut from my hand then touching my fingers to look for more: