Thursday, 3 November 2016

Stumping squirrels

This one tree has probably been my favourite this year. 

The homes of some of my best customers. 

This guy was eating an apple core when I came along. 

He climbed a tree and stashed it for later. 

In order to glare at me more thoroughly 

My favourite tree from a distance. 

This is about as live and let live as these squirrels get. 

Showing me where I put the peanuts yesterday. 

The finch feeder is all clean and ready to go and it'll take a few days to build up clientele again but this guy sat for a good 10 minutes which is highly unusual for a finch. 

I really wonder what causes the squirrels to go flat bellied. It's usually really really hot when they do it so I'm not sure what was up today. Maybe just relaxing or frustrated that I was bird watching instead of feeding him. 

I love watching the gymnastics when they eat the keys off the trees. 

This rose bush is obviously in a very sheltered place. Hoping it gets snowed on soon. 

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