Monday, 14 November 2016

Lollipop lollipop

I had fun with some of Lizzy and Cooper's love lollies today. I needed something to make a change for my pictures or I was going to have to title my blog More of the Same. 

The very first squirrel grabbed both a peanut and a lolly. 

These pictures were taken in a few seconds so despite what it looks like 

The lolly was dropped almost immediately. Peanuts are number one. 

Sunflower seeds a close second. 

Fruit is a last resort and candy is a no. 

Winter coats and bellies are on though certainly not needed yet. 

Had a white-breasted nuthatch and a red-breasted one at the same time today! At first I thought maybe one was male but they were so different in size that I looked it up and it looks like they're a different species. 

Our black and gray squirrels on the other hand are the same species and share a similar lack of being able to share though no one squawked at or chased each other away today. If one is hogging the good spots the others will go to spots where I've put peanuts on other days and strongly suggest I cough some up. The other day one of them jumped quickly on and off of my shoulder when I was too busy photographing birds to pay attention. They still won't quite take a peanut from my hand though they've come very close. Apparently that would be going too far. 

Harry led me to some nice colourful leaves in the sun today. 

And enjoyed a full moon walk later. 

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  1. Your moon pictures are even better than the ones on tv these days. A rare event. Wow