Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween Costume Parade

It's high time we catch up with Lorelai and her little sister Autumn. A cuter ladybug and chicken you will not find. 

Autumn can pull off any hat. 

The cousins carving pumpkins. 

Vivi was a cat

And Emily was a cat burglar. 

I don't have a picture but Caleb went to a party as a three hole punch. 

Deborah works in a dental office and was the tooth fairy. 

Rebekah was a princess and can you tell what her parents are?

Throwback to when Rebekah was the cutest strawberry. 

Meanwhile in Scotland Lizzy was a bat

And Logan rocked a skeleton onesie. 

Batman came over tonight!

He is quite fierce. 

But he does enjoy a lolly. 

Graycee had a costume too

But batman wasn't feeling it. 

Earlier Harry got in on the action. 

Actually he was very sweet about it.