Monday, 10 October 2016

Walnuts walnuts walnuts anybody want walnuts?

Today I brought the squirrels some honest to goodness walnuts that my niece Deborah found but first a few pictures from yesterday. 

Love how the peanuts bounce. 

This is what a walnut looks like in the wild. I should have cut one open to show you before I gave them away but they stain your hands pretty bad. 

Mostly they were startled at first. 

But this guy hemmed and hawed until he decided to take it away. 

Back and forth. 

But mostly it was hand over the peanuts please ma'am. 

Nice but still buggy. 

Why isn't there a peanut right here?

Oh over there. 

Oops knocked it over. 

Starting to lose the light. The nuthatch was back today. 

Trying to share one feeding hole. 

Didn't work out so well. 






One for the road. 

Still nope. 


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