Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A Little Colour

The community garden is still going. 

Had a little visitor today. 

With a giant bean!

Couldn't handle the stress of watching the first bluejay playoff game so I listened to it while stalking a bunny with Harrison. 

I think maybe there was a nest nearby that we were being distracted from. Either that or we were being bored to death. We sat like this for over half an hour and Harrison finally made a disgusted noise in his throat and walked the other direction. 

Bunny - 1 Harry & Ruthe - 0 
I would never let him touch another animal and frankly he's such a city cat that I don't think there's any killer instinct available. He stumbled across some baby mice once and just basically patted them till I realized he had something and pulled him away. 

As usual on a night walk we hung out over in the smoking section with some neighbors. And as we got closer to home there was a skunk moseying up the sidewalk in front of our place reinforcing why we shouldn't put out food around the building. 

And yay we won the game!

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