Friday, 14 October 2016

Party Games For Squirrels

School is back in session and today the squirrels took a break from their studies to have a bit of fun. 

First up a game of peanut pong. 

Not sure what to think. 

Getting in the spirit of the game. 

Lady why can't you just put the peanuts out like a regular person?


Party's getting messy. 

I set up a few shots. 

Time for the shell game. Peanut is under the middle cup. 

Not playing. Prefers the easier peanut pong game. 

Went over and got a nut I had wedged in this chair instead. 

Thinking about playing the shell game. 


Had to go because my battery was dying. 

But I'm sure someone found the peanut quite soon. 

While I was away looking at trees yesterday we lost a whole bunch more here. I understand and they are doing it in the right time of year as far as not disturbing nests but it still makes me sad. 

This one just needed a little push it was pretty far gone. 

It will be interesting to see how my light changes with all these trees gone. 

Harry and I are loving fall. He seems to understand that he needs to walk during the day if he can't stand it being colder at night. 

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