Saturday, 15 October 2016

Hunting Bluejays

The two-legged bluejays haven't been able to break through in the last two games but the aviary ones lead me on quite a ride today. 

At first I was just hunting leaves 

But then this fella started playing peek a boo. 

I threw a few peanuts but didn't think that would work because I thought it would take days to establish that but he caught on right away. 

And I think was watching me a lot more closely than I'd ever expect. 

And yes when in the end he didn't return I picked up the peanuts he'd left because we weren't in the gazebo area away from buildings. 

Still way too warm. 

This nuthatch didn't think the chickadee should be on HIS feeder. 

And chased him away. 

No problem, he'll just take the other side. 

We've lost our purple flowers in the background. 

Enrichment games for squirrels. 

Pretty sure this is a female house finch. 

It tried out all the feeders. 

Enrichment challenge winner. 

Tried for another chickadee in my hand but my squirrel buddies disapprove of anyone but them being offered treats. 

Harry took three walks today. Must be a full moon!

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