Friday, 31 July 2015

Emily sings solo - twice!

Today was Emily's summer camp finale and they put on a show for us. 

She did great in fact she had two solo parts in their song! You can see it here:

Well done!

I know you will mostly see Emily's shining face in this picture but please observe that karen was much happier than this picture shows. 

Again, Emily shining and I must assure you that Karen was not on the verge of tears here. 

Such cool hair!

Who knew Karen's is this long!

We ate at a Swiss chalet that was pioneering kettle chips

Two. Thumbs up and another attractive face from Karen. Added bonus? Waitress bum photo bomb. 


Pretty good Karen face and duck dynasty guy photo bomb. 

I would just like to say that I did take these pictures too:

So anyway I tried out the blue moon again tonight. Still wasn't much more spectacular than last night but at least there were some clouds to play with tonight. 

Last night I noticed that the moon looked coolest through my bug suit so tonight I put my lens inside some netting. 


Doesn't have to be the moon apparently. 

But that was our subject for the evening.