Saturday, 25 July 2015

When Lizzy met Harry

When we got back from Hamilton on Thursday Lizzy was anxious to see Harry and it turned out much to my surprise that he was happy to have company too. Usually he doesn't want to go out when others are around but he marched right out and said hello to Anne. 

Then it was like one of those old "The closer they get" commercials as he and Lizzy rushed toward each other. 

Harry tried to act all cool by stretching. 

But he lost his head and actually gave Lizzy a kiss. 

Lizzy admired his bling. 

And they headed across the road to sniff pine trees. 

Harry was contemplating a cross parking lot spree but then a big truck vroomed by and it was a mad dash for home. 

Where he received a rather closer inspection than perhaps desired. 

The tail pulling was discouraged (by us, Harry never moved) and was mitigated by hugs. 

So tempting though. 

If you're going to poke and prod a cat this is the one to choose. 

We did finally take mercy on him. 

So Lizzy took up the watering can with great joy. Which is how she pretty much does everything. 

Those pictures another time. 

Sadly the rain didn't materialize today. 


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