Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A happy little gardener

No way was I going for a walk today outside in the armpit of summer. Instead I enjoyed a wonderful Indian food buffet and shopping with good friends. So please enjoy Lizzy watering my flowers from last Thursday. 

I was fine with her picking a flower

But we didn't let her eat it because we had no idea if Rose Mallow are edible. 

She couldn't quite get a drink for herself. 

Watering THROUGH the plant

Easily redirected. 


Trying out the kitty's bed. 

It was very touching to me that the first Lego toy she picked up was the monkey from the February Lego boat video. 

The monkey that got its tail bitten by a shark got to have some fun with Lizzy. 

Lizzy thought Harry might like the soccer ball. 

On the way to the car Lizzy got sidetracked by some neighbours and joined in the gardening again. 

What do you mean its dangerous?

Oh okay if you say so. 

Saying good bye but we still have the cutest ever sushi pictures to see :-)


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