Friday, 3 July 2015

Graycee finds a loophole

Okay I'm going to break down and try blogging from my desktop and if that doesn't work...

Graycee is a highly motivated food seeker. And by food I mean pretty much anything that is not plastic, but if the plastic has contained food sometime in it's incarnation, that might qualify as well. She knew without question that she was to stop eating cherries off the ground but just like any kid she found a way around that by picking them off the tree. By her careful look around to see if Dana was watching it was clear that she knew better. Still food is food pits and all.

She also enjoyed some compost later at Grandpa Henry's house so I'm not really sure how her tummy, and Dana's sleep fared that night!

After picking cherries we headed to the barn to visit Harriet and Lola. First we checked out the bird's nest.

Deborah was kind enough to come home from a pool party to join in our cherry picking day. She's the one that planted the trees in the first place. 

Not sure which is which but these girls have lots of personality!

Then we visited what I call Mater. I just love this truck that TJ and his dad are working on.

And Deborah and TJ's new home that they've built themselves is almost ready!

Cooper was more than ready for some Grandpa time when we got back for poker night.

One of the brothers doesn't have an Italian tan, but there's talk of another trip soon. It was nice to see Henry and Al's pictures on the big screen tv.

There was a giant cutie squid present! Just sorry I didn't get a better picture.


And lots of beautiful people I love.

The neighbour dropped off some sparklers...

Ava went all Harry Potter on us...

And I won! 

Today's walk was over to the bug garden.

I wanted to check on the cherries Emily and I may or may not have put (depending on if it's against the rules) over there yesterday for the butterflies. Turns out the Long term care floors of Sunnyside all grew some butterflies this spring and released them in the bug garden a few weeks ago. That's why I've been seeing more of them.

At first I had a bunch of cherries on my porch too but then I got to thinking there are already enough ants over here so we just put a few out in cupcake holders. Today one of them was empty so the birds might have been busy which is okay too.

Bea and Martin's flower bed got a big overhaul yesterday! I like it but I liked it wild too. It's great either way. They are wonderful neighbours.

Emily cut back my pansies to give them another chance at enjoying life.

People use the words beautiful inside and out too much. But when something is true it's true.

There will be more pictures from yesterday another time, we visited some cousins and you'll be amazed at the pedicure Emily gave me!

Today the cardinal made a brief cameo appearance.

It's like he knows in the winter I won't have all these flowers and need him more.

It's tough when your nesting material is bigger than you are!

It this point I was thinking that I should change my camera battery but thought, no, nothing is going to happen so fast that I can't wait till it runs out completely when a hawk swooped down and grabbed for a sparrow. I have no idea what happened and there was no time for a picture even with a full battery because it happened so incredibly fast! I guess the bird feeders are also feeders for the big boys. 

Circle of life.

Well if this posts properly then it worked pretty slick to blog on the computer and I'l try to get caught up. The picture uploader has very much improved from when I tried it a few years ago. Fingers crossed!

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