Friday, 3 July 2015

Duck duck duck goose ducklings swan

Meanwhile back on knitting day...

My bird wranglers wrangled up some ducks since the swans were supremely uninterested.

This was a great kindness as the cracked corn was pretty darn stinky.

The light in the shade of the trees was really tough and my bird wranglers did a good job of directing traffic into sunny patches.

Speaking of tough light, it was really hard to catch these ducklings and I practically knocked over a 4 year old in my attempt. You're welcome.

Olivia finally persuaded one swan to pose for me!

It made the funniest snuffling sounds that we found very funny.

This little green bug was a constant companion to the knitters:

I finally sat in the van to get away from bugs and have a more comfortable chair.

The girls ran up to the play park

And I was amused watching the Sound of Music audience spilling out and come singing down the hill.

The young lads in the car beside me put a uniquely teenage boy spin to the lyrics to say the least. Okay one more blog to come and we should have knitting day covered!

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