Monday, 6 July 2015

Long and winding twig

Apparently I can go exactly two days without going out to take pictures no matter the weather. Feels like 35 and I'm out there in my bug suit chasing hummingbirds, and today, ants. 

I wasn't actually hunting ants but this little guy was really out on a limb. There was only one way back to safety. And it wasn't a clear path. 

There's a story here somewhere. 

Here are my new plants. Probably I should take the dollar store tags off :-)

Red for the hummingbirds. 

Fuchsia plant for me. 

Not too many birds today. I spend more time talking to people now over in the bug garden since my pictures were in the newsletter. I'm ok with that! Makes me happy. 

Today the delphiniums were the star. 

I don't know the etiquette though. Should you take pictures while you talk to people? For me it will probably depend on the type of bird. If I spot a Cedar Waxwing or hawk people might disappear. 

I find it important to remind myself to smile and speak with the people in the wheelchairs and not just the staff and volunteers. 

I hope someday I'll have the chance to take pictures of families as they enjoy the garden. 

I was happy to have a hummingbird take a pass at my feeder today while I broiled in the sun and Harry yelled at me from inside. 


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