Saturday, 4 July 2015

Knitting day finale - so much fun!

After knitting with the ducks in Stratford we headed over to Deborah and TJ's for more fun. 

As you'll see Caleb happily rocked the world's fasted mower. 

And Emily visited Harriet and Lola. 

Deborah sent me a picture of the girls from today. They got sheared!

She tried a new shearer who didn't knick them once. Yay! I love sheep and goats. Some of my best friends as a kid were kids. 

Deborah and her Seabuckthorn plants. The berries are the next big thing in health food. 

Garlic, who knew it was curly?

We're missing Caleb right now as he's way up north working at a church camp for three weeks. 

I love that this series of pictures happened:

Ava and Olivia arrive. I love that this series of pictures happened too!

And this picture makes me so very happy:

Doesn't matter where I sit the smoke finds me. I've made peace with it. 

Spider dogs. 

Slightly charred popcorn:

Olivia ran a 5 k race this year!

S'mores the way I like them - chocolate and marshmallows - hold the yucky graham crackers:

Caleb made some less well done popcorn. 

Grass cutting dance:

A nearby town set off fireworks to end off our wonderful day!


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