Friday, 17 July 2015

Big cousins just wanna have fun too!

Cutest Lizzy video of the century coming up in tomorrow's blog. I want to give you some time to inject some insulin in preparation but tonight I'm happy to report that some of my big kid nieces and nephews are on a fun seeking mission in Ottawa for the weekend!

We have Scotland, PEI and Ontario in the mix this year and I'm hopeful that it'll work out for Calgary and the rest of Ontario next year too. 

It's a brave new world. They played car games via text as they drove towards each other :-)

So far they've seen what is either a giant old timey cowboy coffee pot or a giant proboscis with a nose hair problem...

The box where Alton Brown lives when he's not on food network...

And are relaxing before a big day of searching out other celebrity wonders in our fine capital city!

Have SO much fun guys! Person with the most selfies with celebrity doppelgängers wins!

I wasn't going to walk today because my big news is that Mary and I have started to go to aquabics twice a week and I've found some brand new muscles but I love it. Have missed it so much. Last night there were only two other ladies in our class. No hiding! But really no one can see what we're doing and our instructor was peppy and cute and was sure we needed to kick a LOT! 

Anyway when it was raining so nicely today I had to go outside for sure and walking a bit helped get the kinks out. I went over to my friends garden across the way. She was washing her car in the rain which I think is like the smartest move ever!

Sometimes I'm way more excited by what's all happily blurred in the background than up front:

These flowers are growing wild on the corner:

Meanwhile back on my porch it had started raining pretty hard. 

A little while later Harry pointedly tried to enjoy life on wet grass. 

And here are a few dry Lavatera from yesterday. 

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