Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hamilton road trip

Today Heather and Anne and Lizzy and I headed over to Hamilton for my Cancer check up. 

Helicopter and what I thought as a speck on the windshield but is a plane. 

The appointment went very well which is always a relief. I had had some areas of concern which had just resolved by healing this past week - cancer doesn't heal - but it was good to get confirmation that all is well. I'm not going to pretend it gets easier to wait these sores out but I just really have to live through it. And be determined to try to live well in the meantime. 

Lizzy provides a fine example of how to enjoy life. After they dropped me off and parked she could hardly come in to the hospital for the exciting road "tractors." Thanks Anne for your pictures. 

This water fountain/hand washing station was tons of fun!

Lizzy was catching on to me lagging behind. Maybe that's why she started getting me to take her hand, so I would keep up. Kidding. I know it means she's getting comfortable with me. 

I needed to sit for a bit. 

Heather knew that Lizzy would enjoy these rocks and she sure did. So did my camera. 

Rocking the side pony today!

She had scored this cute lolly in the cancer centre. 

Serious taste test. 

This face doesn't mean she doesn't like it. She's just thinking. 

Maybe this rock will taste good too. 

Oh I shouldn't eat that? Okaaay. 

Let's give this another go then. 

Not bad!

Rock or candy?

Candy it is!

Apparently it was wear your tag on the outside day. Sadly no one told me and my shirt didn't have one. 


We noticed this beautiful red rose. Made me think of ML and then a butterfly flew by to seal the deal. 

But tractors!

Cutest shadow ever!

Who knew parking garages could be this much fun!

Good thing Anne is a fit agile grandma!

Lizzy had a snack and a sleep as we headed back. 

Heather had the brilliant idea to go here for lunch which is where we'll pick up the pictures another time. 

Safe home sweet girls. Don't worry people we still have lots of unseen pictures to look at. 

Meanwhile Karen's family is up north for the week. 

I'll show you some of Emily's beautiful pictures tomorrow. 

Relatively cat proof?

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