Sunday, 5 July 2015

Day in Toronto finale

Lots of chance to catch up with pictures as its too hot to walk outside in a bug suit. Although I'll have to go out for a bit tomorrow because I have some new flowers on my porch that I'm hoping the birds will like. 

After the St Lawrence market and the train yard we headed into the game. 

Before the game we were treated to an extensive facial hair expose. 

Henry went down to take some pictures of the CN tower. 

Number 55 Russell Martin:

Number 65 Henry Martin's birthday gift from Deb & TJ :-)

BBQ'd brisket mmmmm

Ace polls the crowd. Jays hat or Rangers?

And somewhat unsportsmanlike, just like the real bluejay birds, uses the Rangers hat to clean his armpit. 

I found Matt, he of the swimming with us on Wednesday night, and his dad in the crowd but not till tonight when I looked at the pictures of the crowd in the section I knew they were in. 

This is the score the game ended in. 

Matt and Ron found us :-)

Henry took my camera down for a few more pictures from inside. 

And retrieved his pen knife that he gave up at the gate. 

Next 4 are Henry's pictures:

I loved the train yard at night. Especially the inside of the passenger cars. 

I soon realized I had no idea what setting to use for the tower at night and would have needed a tripod for any serious pictures so after a few tries I just moved it around on purpose. 

Cool moon:

We'll be back with Cooper aquarium:

Special day indeed!

Realized I didn't get these pictures in with the Toronto part two album on Facebook:

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