Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Toddler roundup & epic rain

Rebekah and her bear made the cutest ferry crossing ever this week. 

Lorelei and her mom Ashley rocked Canada day. 

Lorelei wore her love for Nutella

And was just extremely cute in general. 

Cooper headed off for holidays. I'm happy to see the super hero dolls I got him are still in play. 

And look who's here for a visit from Scotland.

Lizzy! We get to see her tomorrow! Stay tuned. 

There was an awesome rain today. I didn't really go far because there was a bit of thunderishness happening. Harry can sit out now in fairly reasonable rain under the overhang. 

But then it started really pouring and driving in on him and he gave it up. Of course that's when I decided to go out. I had no problem today showing the rain. 

I watched my new dollar store shepards hook slooooowly give up and fall over. 

One or two pansies making a comeback!

And once again I can't decide between the RAW and JPEG colours. 

Google plus has some fun filters:


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