Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lizzy calls on Cooper

Today I got to spend the morning with Lizzy and Cooper and Graycee. 

Lizzy is at the perfect height for welcome kisses and stealing cookies. 

Didn't mean to do it but love this light. 

The dance portion of the day. Because I am a benevolent sister this is the only picture I will show. 

In the interest of reality it wasn't all happiness and sharing. 

Cooper's magic trick. 

Cooper admonishing Graycee to come in. Graycee was getting right on it as you can see. 

In the interest of reality this happened:

Not a problem, let's go again!

Watching an airbus going by. 

Dana's rose mallow bent but not defeated. 

Graycee was stealing so much of Lizzy's food that she got banned from the porch. 

But not before gently extracting one more cracker. 

Could've probably stopped it but took a picture instead. No worries Graycee could remove a cracker from your gallbladder without inflicting the slightest pain or leaving a mark. 

Doggie cry!

No idea:



One more Lizzy visit tomorrow then they're off home on Friday. 

Look who Henry came across the other day :-)


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