Saturday, 18 July 2015

Lizzy and the slide and Ottawa fun

Ok yesterday I suggested you get ready for some hard core cute. On Thursday Ava and Olivia and Emily were running around the park with Lizzy who was pretty much fixated on this slide. Good thing too because the other slides were way too hot to use. My friend said its like they took an old supermarket roller track and made a slide out of it. It's brilliant because it slows you down while it shakes you up in a fun way. This park is very accessible which I'll talk about another time when I post even yet more pictures from this day. 

The girls including Lizzy were take video and I took some video of them taking video and here's the video!


Here are the pictures they are no slouches either:

On their walk tonight Olivia wanted to show me all the flowers that they saw. So awesome and I'm telling you it brought a tear to my eye that she thought of me. Such a loving sweet person she is!

And now welcome friends to a guided tour of our fair country's capital. You can expect nothing but facts and things in the correct order from this point forward! In fact I'm sure Heather will want to use this blog to teach her Scottish students all about Canada. 

The gang started the day posing with Mark Wahlberg. Or Marky Mark if you're as old as I am. 

Then Luke and Jennifer continued to be the cutest couple ever as Garth Brooks moved up the steps beside them and Donatella Versace was not far behind with her stroller:

Dana had tea with Sir John A MacDonald on his day off...

And then she and Deborah posed with Moses. 

Heather made a wish with the producer of Glee. Notice Waldo and his mum in the background. 

Respect. No duh to all the menfolk to whom this came/comes as a surprise. 

Heather eats bangers and mash in front of their hotel. Excellent Yelp rating!

Melissa's new hair barrette. 

Melissa ups the anti by getting her hair styled into the form of a fountain. Still haven't moved far from their hotel. Might be a motel. Not sure what the difference is. 

The view along the banks of the Rhine. 

This is where the Ottawa Senators play their home games. 

So excited that they won the Stanley Cup this year!

I mean you'd think if they travelled all this way they'd go for a walk or something and see some sights but maybe they were waiting for a call at the hotel/motel. I'm not going to judge. 

Very cool view of Canada's first MacDonalds!

Ronald MacDonald has never looked so good!

Wendy's needs to up their game a bit. 

Subway is really hurting. Truth. 

Not everyone knows that the first pony express was started here in Canada by Paul Revere. 

The gang sat down and had some tea... 

while Celine Dione dimmed the sun and put on a concert.

The lights came up again while people were still taking pictures. 

The birthplace of the Pythagorean theory. 

Finally away from the hotel, just going to assume it's not a motel, and off whale watching. 

But first a glimpse of the place where Rocky 19 was filmed. 

A shrine to all those lost in lacrosse tragedies. 

The birthplace of Canada! One leg for each province. Ontario and Quebec hadn't joined up yet apparently when this spider was built. There's Donatella and the stroller again.  

The Ronald Reagan museum. 

Inside view. 

Deborah bundled up for the helicopter ride over the falls. 

Back at the hotel tired but happy. Mark had to leave early. 

Dana with a statue of Captain Hook. Donatella and Andre Agassi fresh from his Wimbleton win wait their turn. 

Leprosy has been a problem in Ottawa for a long long time. 

Heather can't get enough curried lamb's brains. 

And Luke wonders why the ladies keep forgetting stuff back at the hotel. Seriously is it a motel if there's no elevator or what?

Just back from the helicopter ride. 

Pretty sure we saw this picture already. Remember? It was just before Melissa installed the fountain in her hair. 

Universal studios ride right up to the magic castle. 

Too bad it wasn't sunnier, that's when the Rhine really shines. 

Brad and Angelie (that's how she spells her name when she's in Canada) left the kids at home for this trip and donned the lederhosen of disguise. 

Alexander Graham Bell's back balcony. 

Angelie and Carly Rae Jepson enjoying the ride of the Canadian Mounted Royal Police. 

One of the CMRP letting his hair down once the ride was over. 

No joke here. Repect. 

Back at the hotel/motel for a well earned rest and some Ovaltine!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of Ottawa. Don't you just love travelling?


  1. Good one Ruthe - I shared it on my timeline before I knew about all the horse-play...

  2. Same park a yr later on Deb,s birthday