Saturday, 31 August 2013

IPod Clean up

Today's most notable action was going to the gym and watching tv. I know, not something to write home about!

Saturday night mysteries on PBS have become must watch tv for me and a new one called Silk about two lawyers trying to become QC's blew me away.

Anyway I was also trying to clean some pictures off of my iPod so here are a few that I have missed along the way.

When I was staying with Karen after my last knee surgery I took some snapshots of pictures in mom's foot problems. That would be for the albums. Photo albums.

I was pretty proud of this cowboy sweater I knitted for Aaron

And I appreciate that my sister took a picture of the three sweaters I made for her boys.

Clearly I was more excited about making up the pattern for the pictures than sticking to any sort of pattern for the sweaters! I believe it was not too long after this that I realized that I would be better suited for cross stitching if the picture is what interested me.

That train on Luke's went all the way around the bottom of the sweater and I was pretty pleased with Brent's blue one because it did look like moms house. Paul's rabbit sweater lasted for at least 10 more children because it was made out of some sort of indestructible Wolco yarn.

Karen and me and Helga



The most exciting thing that happened today was laundry so please enjoy this brief video from Alice's birthday. Dora was in a rare mood so watch out for a bit of bad language. The high five at the end is significant because usually I refuse to do it but since it was her birthday...

This blows mind:

While this makes perfect sense to me:

From the second last sleepover:

The boy simply loves people.


Friday, 30 August 2013

Touch down!

Super fun day! First Harry and I had some visitors.

Harrison surrendered immediately. He loves toddlers.

Not sure the strategy of placing his tail in Cooper's lap was the best idea he's ever come up with. To Cooper's credit he didn't touch it.

Cooper is quite a crawling guy and he can pull himself up with ease.

He liked my new rug.

You may notice that every time he smiles the picture is a little bit fuzzy. That's because I tend to shake the camera with joy when I laugh too.

Cooper liked my Olivia flower.

He has a new trick where he lifts both arms up into the air. They've started saying touchdown when he does this and he does it on demand. So cute!

You'll notice Harrison lurking nearby at all times.

My ancient VCR is not exactly the background I'd like for these pictures.

I was determined to put the camera down more today Nancy and play with Cooper. I'm determined to get to the point where I can be a back up babysitter for Dana so I need to build up little jokes etc with him and get him used to me holding him. But goodness it's hard not to grab the camera when the lad smiles.

Cooper finally got to have my little red camera that he always wanted when he was littler. It no longer takes pictures but it still lights up a little bit so that was cool.

Apparently lasers are for babies too!

Huh, thought I'd turned off the sound.

Glad I have pink toes right now, and glad to have such fun visitors.

Really proud of Dana. She's an awesome mom and does everything possible for this little guy including take care of herself as she heads off to hot yoga...

in these:

Shhh we're pretending its a new trend not busy mom syndrome!

But wait there's more!

My friend Grace with a Y - the one that aced the stem cell transplant portion of her life, picked me up and we met my friend Donna here:

GraceY's hair has grown back awesome soft and silky!

I felt a little sorry for the couple that was seated fairly close to us. They didn't seem to have a lot to say to each other and I hoped they were not resorting to listening to us talk about the joys of being women of a certain age!

Grace still has lots of recovery to do but she feels really fortunate with how well everything went.

And you know my niece Emily? Well she made this awesome video about the sun hat they bought yesterday. Apparently Whiskers thought it was amazing!