Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Bit of a boring day. They can't all be winners. Trying to decide if I have a toothache or not. I've bothered it so much that if I didn't before I do now. One of the few times it bothers me not to have a car. Should probably call the dentist because teeth are somehow strongly connected to artificial knees.

Aaaaaand of course my dentist is on holidays. Oh well it'll give me a chance to see what's what.

Around the building twice as usual.

A rare (for our building) white Rose of Sharon.

Cool bench eh?

I can see you bunny.

If you can help it try to trim your trees and bushes later in the fall so bunnies like this don't feel like they're still well hidden.

Emily had given herself the challenge to make a new collage every day for a month! This is her and Caleb at the lion Safari. Pictures courtesy of my brother Henry.


This is Uyithy signing off.

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