Thursday, 15 August 2013

Get shorty

It's lovely to have my computer back! Now I just need to spend some time getting things organized.

Today I tried out the new shorter lens. It's interesting finding out what sort of things I will use it for. It does a very good close-up, in fact I am very impressed at how close it can get to something. Those close-ups you see with my usual 300 lens are taken with me having to be at least 5 feet away from the object that I am taking a picture of. Today I had to actually stand in the flowerbeds to take pictures!

I found it a bit harder to not get shaky pictures for some reason but I do like this one:

But oh my goodness if you want pull back and take a picture of the whole flower bed this lens is your man!

Standing in the same spot:

This lens is not quite as likely to blur the background, well without me having to figure out how to actually learn how to do that. Ha!

That's not an optical illusion, the weeds are that high!

Yep this lens can really pull back! So much fun!

Not sure when Harrison is going to gear up for another big walk but it wasn't today!

Happy to report that my sore seems to be very much on the decline and on its way out. Yay!

Going to the beach tomorrow can't wait!

New app called Masquer:


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