Saturday, 3 August 2013


I continued to be extremely excited about being able to take pictures indoors!

Harrison? Well Harrison doesn't let himself get too excited.

But sometimes he forgets and takes a stab at it.

But it wouldn't do to get too worked up.

Or exercised.

So I decided to go to the gym without him.

Someone decided to go home without these:


Today's walk.

I thought this one was remarkable because I didn't manage to focus on a single thing:

I call it green.

Harrison and I have been so grateful for the splendid walking weather lately. We had no arguments today. But you do always have to end a walk on a grate.

But of course that grate has to be in front of someone having a barbecue so it looks like I'm watching their party.

I still love my iPod because it gets me moments like this:

And especially this:

That was no fluke. I didn't set it up and he wasn't falling or trying to get my glasses he just reached and hugged me. He's a sweet one.


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