Sunday, 18 August 2013


Just once around the building and laundry today so more pictures from the beach! Happy that the laundry room is up and working again!

We found the quick fire action feature of the camera and put it to dramatic use!

These beautiful girls are so kind to pose for me all day!

We discovered I'd taken 608 pictures that day! Because the pictures are so large I'm trying to do a much better job of deleting the ones I don't want to keep. The rapidfire feature is going to make that a must!

What a happy day!

So nice to have a camera that can handle indoors too so I don't have to use my iPod inside unless I want to.

So happy the Schlueters are back home and had a great time. Caleb's birthday wing super tomorrow! Emily took some great video of the cottage they were at last week and I couldn't resist taking a screen shot of her in the Hammmock:

What a beauty eh?


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