Monday, 19 August 2013

New kid in town

Quite a day! This is the first of several days of Caleb's birthday celebrations. Tomorrow he and his friends are going go karting. Tonight we went out for wings and swimming.

Sadly the Waterloo rec center bars all cameras but we had fun in the cold cold water anyway!

But wait there's more! In between wings and swimming we headed to the Apple Store and I don't mean Martin's Family Fruit Farm!

Listen I know I have had a whole whack of new stuff lately. The camera was my legacy from Mom and Dad and I'm using my free lance writing money to buy the iPad because voice recognition is my best bet to be able to write. There's at least a 5 part mystery series in my head crying for freedom. I'm not apologizing just explaining. But Harrison and I plan to have a whole slew of fun with this stuff too!

Movie to follow of course!



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