Sunday, 11 August 2013


So my brother Henry has my computer to see if I can get some better video playback and get my new 3 terabyte backup drive working. Having an older xp replacement has made me realize how very fortunate I am! Usually I can sit down at midnight and download a couple of hundred pictures in a few minutes. That's still going on as we speak so you only get two of the first ones tonight.

Yep, sushi with Cooper! He's been away on holidays so it was great to see them! More pictures another day. It was exciting to be able to take pictures in the low light though I'm not sure I'd usually have a big camera out in this situation if I weren't so excited to introduce the new camera to Cooper. But take my word for it it was really dark in there. You remember film and how we had 100, 200, 400 and even 800 iso if we felt sporty? Well this camera goes up to 6800.

A few iPod bunny pics from my walk today.

The sore continues to be a literal pain in the you know what but when I start to feel sorry for myself I remember its not cancer and get over it. Grateful for the new wound care supplies.

Better get to bed, off to Ikea tomorrow. Excited! Hoping to buy a new rug to take pictures of Harry on.

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