Thursday, 8 August 2013


Today's excitement was a gift bag full of wound care products from the wound nurse at the hospital. She can't see me as an outpatient but she was kind enough to provide me with a slew of modern products to try with fully written out instructions. I thought that was really really nice of her! And nice of Mary for getting them to me so quickly too! I'm trying them out one at a time and testing on non affected parts of my body first. Learned the hard way to do that!

Quiet walk but I'm pleased with how well Harry is walking these days. Further would be better but he's a creature of habit except when he isn't.

I'm also pleased that I didn't need any extra pain meds after going at it hard for over an hour in the pool yesterday. My knee remains awesome! I was bright enough not to push the distance walking today though.

Swatting at a butterfly:


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