Saturday, 24 August 2013

Waterpark fun

I think you blog readers will get an exclusive on the waterpark pictures. Got to be some advantage for not just depending on Facebook!

This is what much of the directory looks like in thumbnails:

This next ride was a true act of courage and motherly love for Annette. She was not keen on it! It was the first time for Ava too. Little Olivia has been doing it for a while!

She did it and then she did it again!

Ava asked if I heard her scream and I said honey all I could hear was your Mom!

This went on all day, showing Emily the ropes and hurrying on to the next fun spot!

Which in this case was the big bucket!

They have learned to sit down because the force of the water actually forced Olivia down and skinned her knees at a previous visit.

Emily taught me that moving towards the middle was not quite as cold. And I must say in general the water was not nearly as cold as it is at McClennen Park. Maybe if you pay to get in they warm the water a little.

Naturally there are more pictures to follow.

Harry finally got out for a walk today after I went to the gym!

The boy loves to roll where dogs pee. Nothing better in his humble opinion.

Well fishing is good too.

You're not fooling anyone Harry, you love it!

Turn a yawn into a meme.



  1. Looks like a LOT of fun was had by EVERYONE! Great pictures Ruth!

  2. Wow amazing water shots, new camera!Love to see the joy:)