Thursday, 1 August 2013

There's a new rebel in town

Well no news yet, tests aren't back yet. Might not know till next Tuesday.

So. Guess who has a brand new camera?


My friend Melanie picked me up and we headed over to Henry's Camera.

After I bought the camera we celebrated with Thai food.

Thai food mainly because last night I left my leftovers from the Thai food at the mall in Karen's van overnight so there was some unfinished business! This time I got my leftovers home with me!

We had a nice relaxing supper but I'm afraid that once Melanie got me home I may have pushed her out the door and asked her what her hurry was! I needed to get at the new camera!

Turns out I probably should've asked her to stay to help me get the strap on! But I did it while the battery charged and Harrison and I headed out pronto.

I know these pictures except for the last one might not look so different from my others but just wait till I get a handle on it!

My old camera does not have video so that is going to be a very exciting change but the fact that it can do this indoors at night without a flash, well that makes my heart sing.

In no way shape or form could my old camera have taken those pictures.

Speaking of video this is the first and only one I've taken so far. I will need to figure out how to turn off the thingamajig that does autofocusing while you take movies. Either that or buy an external speaker so that you don't hear the lens moving so much. But I don't really want it autofocusing away all the time anyway. It can focus then be still. Again this was indoors with no flash just my living room light on. Also the new lens that comes with the camera should be a lot quieter.

Thrilled people. Thrilled!

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