Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ruth buzzy

It was perfect walking weather for me today but it was too windy for Harry and the bees were hanging on for their lives!

Can anybody tell me what kind of flowers these are? Are they poppies? As you may have guessed by now I sure do like them.

It's cool enough that the roses are making a bit of a comeback.

Happy to report that Harrison noticed this guy this guy this time.

Made it around the building 3 1/2 times today. One and a half or two are my maximum at a time but with a rest I can do more.

It may have been too windy for a Harrison walk but he did a lot of good playing today. Tissue paper on the floor is a key factor in this!

And while I think of it if you're ever at my house and see Q-tips on the floor they are straight out of the box. After the laser pointer and tissue paper, Q-tips are Harrison's favourite toys and I promise they haven't been in my ear!

Oh and shoelaces, he loves shoe laces. Shares his food bowl with them.


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  1. Those flowers are cosmos! :)