Monday, 12 August 2013

Rug rat

Listen my loaner computer is slower than my patience level so I just grabbed a few pictures from yesterday and today. You'd think this lesson would be teaching me to post fewer pictures i.e. just choose the best ones but it's doing the exact opposite because I don't have the patience to wait 30 seconds to look at them while each individual picture opens up. So I'll be playing catch-up when I get my real computer back.

Really fortunate to have a brother who can pretty much do anything with a computer! And no, unfortunately he doesn't need any more work :) our family keeps him hopping!

And Cooper gives him lots of physical examinations to keep him healthy.

When I asked if Cooper was checking his teeth and someone at the table said that he was doing a melon check. Ha! Really he's saying hi papa I missed you! It's a lot more thorough than a hug and it's really beautiful.

Saw this little chap today for a few minutes! Augie dogie is growing up!

Then it was off to IKEA to buy this:

I think he likes it and yes I bought it specifically with taking pictures of him on it in mind. It certainly won't last forever because it's very thin but on the other hand that means it's washable!


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