Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas at my place

On the 27th my family headed over here to celebrate. 

Anne always brings the home along. 

It was so great to see Sean!

Cooper helped Sean open presents. 

Some finger puppets for Sean too. 

Little cousins

Big brothers. 

Blitz game. 

The sherif of the Bang game. 

The winner of the Bang game. 

Pretty Vivi

Bitey dino 



Cards for uncle Todd and Aunt Jen

Good helpers!

And fun cousins. 

Just a few pictures from today. 

I was glad that this timid squirrel thought better of following it's more daring friend onto the roof. You can't tell from this angle but it was such a huge jump that I never even considered the first squirrel would jump but it took a running leap from the end of the twig. 

My squirrels weren't at home at the gazebo today but I met a few friends. 

This guy got brave. 

And even braver last night!