Sunday, 13 December 2015

Where in the world are Zach & Todd?

Before today's squirrels I have a special treat for you. Remember how my friend Zach went to teach in China? Well he's been sending really cool updates and said I can share his pictures with you. 

I just can't get over this picture. I've never  thought of snow on the Great Wall! Zach said it was very slippery going up the icey steps. 

Here are some more of his great pictures. 

That's Zach on the left. 

Such an amazing mix of old and new!

Ping pong courtyard. 

Meanwhile my nephew Todd, Cooper's uncle, is travelling for work. 

He started out in Geneva Switzerland. He has far far better panoramic skills than me. 

Here's Todd in St Pierre's cathedral. 

And here's the fine Swiss watch he was thinking of buying. 

He's moved on now to Madrid Spain!

Very cool!

Meanwhile Henry was in Florida for a few days feeding the bugs and birds and this happened more than once!

Still pretty grey around here but at least there was a little rain today for interest. 

WB showed up at the gazebo right away today. 

And not long after I saw a second tail. 

Notches turned up for the first time in days. Yay. 

The sound of a crying toddler put WB on alert. 

The ladies were sharing pretty nicely but Notches is the boss and kept WB on the other side of the slats with a bit of quiet throat clearing.  

Nero the reclining-to-eat acrobatic squirrel wasn't allowed into the gazebo by the ladies so he concentrated on the bird feeder which the birds aren't using anymore anyway. 


Looking for some snow for my squirrel's noses too. 

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