Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas Day with Cooper

I was very fortunate to get to spend Christmas Day at Cooper's house. 

Ozzy and an excited little boy in the window waiting to give Grandpa a present. 

He needed to give the present right away!

It was the cutest thing. As every piece of paper came off Cooper rushed it to the garbage. 

Graycee really enjoyed her sliver of sunshine. 

Costume change from Jammies to Christmas shirt. 

Easter egg!

Harry's bed that was too small is a perfect fit here :-)

Unky Todd!


Uncle Todd gave Cooper a very very cool safari book. 

My finger puppets were a hit. He was still playing with them at my place on Sunday. 

More reindeer Graycee pictures in the last blog entry. 

Gotta try on all the new shirts. 

Every picture on each page in this book moves!

Supper was so good!

Cooper tried very hard to wait till we all sat down to open his Christmas cracker but didn't quite manage. His was the loudest one of them all so there was no hiding his earliness. 

Henry went to the best baking booth at the stockyards!

Cooper made us each faithfully promise several times over that the strawberry would be for him. Then of course it was a bit too weird tasting to actually eat but the ocularly challenged gingerbread boy was better :-)

These eyes!

Ozzy kind of loved and was annoyed by Todd at the same time. 

Changing into the Spider-Man shirt. Must be a three year old thing. Vivi had this many costume changes at her third birthday party. 

Some old family slides to round out the day. 

Little Sean and Dana. 

Great day!

Bonus fun in the snow pictures from today. 

He was pulling Grandpa here. 


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