Monday, 21 December 2015

Meet Milo

This is our newest family member!

He has won hearts pretty quickly at his house. 

This is where he felt safest on his first day home:

Someone else wants a dog too!

Milo already owns more sweaters than I do :-)

I love dogs but have not been a fan of small dogs in my life. However neighbors Tilly and Kiwi and Molly are changing that and I suspect Milo will continue the inroads to my heart.

Want to have a moment of silence for the loss of Vivi's kitty Blackberry who passed away from liver disease. She was a quiet girl but she will be missed very much. 

Today was gloriously rainy, next best thing to snow. 

Harry would question the "gloriously" rainy part but he gave it a shot. I think he minds cold more than wet really and enjoyed being dried with a towel. 

Tonight's rain was also great for our hilarious Christmas light crawl in Cambridge. There are of course a million more pictures that I haven't looked at yet as well as some audio of our reactions that I will need to ask permission about before I even think of posting it :-) 

I broke out the two new filter shapes I made this afternoon and played with traffic lights. 

But I discovered that simply taking pictures while driving by slowly can be very cool. 

And that raindrops on a windshield make a far cooler filter than I could ever come up with. 

I also learned that if you whine enough you get a sugar cookie. 

And that my friend Pari can track down hidden gems such as this like a Christmas-light bloodhound simply by seeing the tall trees from the bottom of a hill. 


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  1. Greetings from Alberta, Canada ... awesome blog you got here ... smiles ... Love, cat.