Saturday, 12 December 2015

Squirrels in the spot light

No sun or snow for us apparently but the squirrels are happy. 

And quite dramatic. 

Seriously lady, put some food on the table. 

Nope. I invited him over to the gazebo but only WB showed up today. Not sure what Notches is up to these days. 

I decided to play with the white balance to make it seem like a sunnier day. 

I can't get over how cute WB is. 

Love her tufty ears. 

I knew this picture was special as soon as I snapped it. 

She was almost too close to be in focus. 

Harry went for quite a walk today!

And ate a lot of dead grass. 

This was just before he threw it up. 

Not sure what the dog park pick up policy is about hair balls. 

Didn't slow us down for long though. 

December 12th:

So you know how I made a star filter?

Well last night I made another one. 

Flying doves?

Nope. Squirrel!

The tree in the common room is getting some real exposure. 


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