Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Fun with lights at Victoria Park

One thing about a warm green Christmas is that ordinary mortals who do not dress up in Arctic level warmth clothing to go out and take pictures of squirrels every day are willing to step outside the car to go look at lights. 

But first another festive special!

Caleb made sure there were no doggie bags required. 

And they were all great about not sharing any spoilers from the Star Wars movie that they had just seen. 
Although I'm in the - yeah I'll see it someday but don't really care when camp anyway. 

There's really no telling who took these pictures tonight. Caleb and Emily and I were all taking pictures at the park. Basically if one of us is in the picture you know it wasn't us taking it :-)

We got a lot of Halloween effects and need to invest in some light sources and this was all about having fun and experimenting. 

But sometimes we got it right. 

The iPhone light source. 

Master photo bomber. 

Three or possibly seven people :-)

Christmas moon. 


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