Sunday, 6 December 2015

Grand Harmony Chorus at the Christkindl Market

Today was so much fun. This was my second time going to the Christkindl market to see the Grand Harmony Chorus sing. They were fantastic of course. 

I would normally make a Facebook album to share these pictures with the group but in the last few weeks FB has deemed me unfit to make albums anymore and I didn't think I should drop 150 pictures into my timeline. 

So please feel free to save and share any that you like and as always let me know if there are any you'd like in a larger size. 

The market was quite different during the day. Better for the chorus because there were more people but not quite as magical as far as atmosphere with no twinkling lights. 

However daytime meant Cooper could come so that trumps everything!

Yeah, see I got a drink too Emily. We're just two cool kids hanging out. 

The pretzel was a big hit!

I sent Emily off on a quest for funnel cake not realizing that the line went from here to king street!

Ron solving some national matters with Harold...

and my brother Al solving a giant drumstick!

C is for cookie and Cooper. 

Here they come!

If you ask me why I follow this group like a Grateful Dead Deadhead, there are a number of reasons, chiefly, this smiling face of my sister. If something makes her happy it makes me happy. And it's just getting happier since she's now officially (or almost officially, there might be some glittery hazing I'm not aware of that needs to happen yet) in a quartet!

Gotta take lots of pictures now cause without risers she's going to disappear!

Also I love to take pictures of people who are happy to have their pictures taken. There's no false modesty, just sheer joy to be doing what they love. That's unusual. 

And really beautiful. 

Now while I don't agree with Cooper that the music was too loud (he solved this by singing along at the top of his lungs so I think his opinion is suspect)...

barbershop music is not something you'll find on rotation in my iPod even though I think the harmony is really beautiful and in this case extremely well executed and done!

No, I'm a Grandhead because of the joy that exudes from every ounce of them. 

They all have hurts and fears and heartaches in their lives. But not while they're singing. I think it would behoove medical science to study this phenomena. 

We interrupt this concert for funnel cake! Never tried it before because I've always lumped it with the pancake/waffle family but I'm expanding my horizons. 

Luckily Cooper helped me out or I'd be expanding more than my horizons. 

Emily had some deep fried cheesecake as her well deserved reward for the long line wait. 

Oh yeah, there's a concert happening! I didn't get any funnel cake on my camera although it did experience a baptism of saurkraut earlier. 

I put the long lens on for a little.  

See? Beautiful. 

Not long and it was over...

and the funnel cake was a sweet distant memory 

except for Dana who will be trying to remove the baptism of strawberries from Cooper's coat for a while probably. 

Then this happened and I was very touched. 

I bet the Grateful Dead don't do this with their fans. Least wise not with the ninja level selfie stick skills of Claudia!

Thanks guys. 

We wandered the new part of the market a bit. 

I was quite taken by these ruler growth charts. 

3 feet two inches at just turned three. 

We didn't stop much inside. It was wall to wall people. 

Altogether a great day! Back to squirrel pictures tomorrow :-)

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