Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Homemade bokeh

One of the things I love about a camera that allows you to change the depth of field is getting a blurry background or the bokeh effect. 

Today there was a tutorial in one of my photography newsletters that showed me how to make shapes in the background. 

It's very high tech. Black paper (mine was only black on one side) scissors and scotch tape. 

Trick is to make it tight enough that it stays on but loose enough to take off for the squirrels and birds. 

Mrs. Cardinal and the red breasted finches were out. 

But my real goal was to go to the common room for the Christmas lights. 

I took my inspiration today from Emily's photos from a few weeks ago.  

I did go over to the squirrel farm but Notches wasn't receiving today. 

So I went home to wait till it got dark. 

See it's a star but it's also kind of a Canadian maple leaf thanks to my scissor skills. 

It's all kind of about how much you blur the focus. 

And yes certainly there are lots of apps that could add stars to pictures and I enjoy that stuff but it's neat to learn how to do things with the camera too. 

I went over across the way where they only believe in blue lights. 

It started to rain pretty hard so I didn't stay too long. Paper filters don't love rain as much as I do. 

When I was halfway home I learned that you need a light in the near distance to get lots of stars from far away. 

And rain splotches have their own effect too. 

I expect you can expect lots of blurry light pictures because I have only just begun to play with this :-)


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