Friday, 24 February 2017

Humpty Dumpty SUV takes it waaaaaay off road

Up until yesterday the squirrels have been too busy playing boys catch the girls to bother with gazebo snacking. 

I managed to throw this gal a peanut on her way by

But Romeo chased her off. 

Yesterday I thought I'd see if I could get anyone to pose with Caleb's old piggy bank that he let me use for when Cooper comes over and helps me tidy up my coins. Notice the past tense. 

Leaf feeder is going strong. 

This chickadee did a complete double take. Wish I'd been taking video. 

I had lured this squirrel with peanuts on my way over. 

And she mosied on over cautiously but nonchalantly. 

It took some doing to get her into the gazebo

Meanwhile birds!

When she looked on the chair (before I'd put any peanuts on it) I knew this was a friend from last summer. 

And soon there were no peanuts anywhere but by the car where I wanted her. Fancy that :-)

Check yer oil ma'am?

Rather have the peanuts here but I ignored that request. 

Ok you asked for it. 

Uh oh

It was actually pretty awesome and yes the squirrel got the peanuts. 

I cleaned up the shards and the more valuable coins but if you're local and you want some nickels help yourself :-)

Monday, 20 February 2017

Last week

These are my pictures from last week. Going to go outside in a few minutes and see if I find anything green growing in this warm February weather. 

There were only crows and busy squirrels at the beginning of the week but you'll see the chickadees have been posing by the end. Maybe it was more that it was warm enough to sit outside and wait for them. 

Didn't even see the cardinal at first. 

I have my leaf feeder back! The squirrels had perfected jumping on it till the top and bottom came apart but my nephew welded them together and even painted the parts he added red!!

There was still snow

And this was as far as Harry got. 

I was so excited to see a female Cardinal at my feeder!

The end :-)